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General terms & conditions

The Farma kode company shall not be responsible or liable for any incorrect operation of third parties, such as internet, mobile phone operators, electrical power outages, web or system errors, or similar. This is why the Farma kode company cannot guarantee that the system will be undisturbed or without errors. This includes guaranteed delivery of e-mail and SMS messages. You can read (un)delivered messages on the Flower Servant web site, where all the messages sent to you are stored. We can guarantee the proper operation of Flower Servant only in the case of undisturbed and correct operation of systems on which it depends.

The Farma kode company shall not be responsible for any loss of information resulting from unexpected power outage or system errors, or database corruption, and it does not have to compensate for them.

The Farma kode company does not guarantee that the information on the Flower Servant web site contains no computer viruses, although the company uses the most up-to date methods and tools for preventing this from happening.

The Farma kode company as the author, as well as the owner of Flower Servant, is responsible for the content of messages with plant care instructions.Because of the nature of the service and specific weather and other conditions, the Farma kode company can not take responsibility for plant's death or plant's injury. All the instructions that Flower Servant sends to a user are based on information provided by that user, in the process of registration or later. The information that users provide may be subjective, the plant may be attacked by a disease, or there can be other factors that can cause unssuccessful growth of a plant. Each user must take his/her own responsibility for growing a plant since there are simply too many factors that influence their growth.

Every change of conditions affecting a plant should be reported to Flower Servant. You should also report every repotting, moving of plant to another room, or similar. Users should carefully review Flower Servant instructions. If a plant starts showing signs of illness or some other unusual signs, users can ask for help by submitting a question in the Q&A section of Flower Servant. It is important to state the exact conditions in which the plant is presently growing, the information entered in Flower Servant at the time of last registration, and the exact description of symptoms and appearance of the plant. Based on the information they receive, our experts will adapt Flower Servant to send you modified plant care instructions for plants that are growing in changed conditions

The document was last upadted on 22.5.2009.