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My pot started out with 3 kalanchoe. They have gotten pretty dry, but wet or dry they are dying one by one. I have one left. They are turning black from the stems and it works its way to the stump and then they die. It looks like some kind of rot. Could it have anything to do with the way I cut the dead blossoms off?

RE: kalanchoe
Sorry for delayed answer.

The cause for the black rot can be the fungus Phytophtora omnivora.
It is possible that you used infected scissors when you were cutting off the blossoms and the disease has spread to your plants.
The other cause for the black rot can be the soil of the plant that isn't porous and keeps the water.
When watering the plant you have to be careful not to wet the leaves.
It's better to water the plant in the morning.
When cutting off the blooms and old leaves, first let the wounds of the plant to dry,
only than you can water the plant.
The smartest thing you can do now is to throw away the plant, because the
fungicide treatment is too expensive and the value of the plant is relatively small.

Tomi Hrovatin